Tomato & Mushroom Bruschetta

I have a thing for fresh tomatoes, of course since my tomatoes are ready yet, we used from the store. If this was this good with store bought, when my tomatoes ripen, this will be full on drool worthy. We wanted to take your common bruschetta to the next level by adding in some sauteed… Continue reading Tomato & Mushroom Bruschetta


Coming Back Online

It's been 4 years, 2 months, and 3 days since my last blog post, yeah I know, bad blogger.  There was a lot that happened in that time and with recent changes, decided it was finally time to get back on the horse. In that time I have now left a job that I was… Continue reading Coming Back Online


Hold the Tomatoes

Okay...I promised in the last post that the next post would be about pruning tomatoes.  I really should clarify and say that it's more pinching to encouraging good branching and fruit production.  It is really simple and easy too. What you do is take a look at the tomatoes and often you'll see a small… Continue reading Hold the Tomatoes


Growing Right Along…

Well I think summer is officially here.  It is now hot and we are lacking rain.  Even though it seemed like it would never stop raining and even if we did that we would still be well saturated for weeks, not so lucky.  When I went outside this afternoon to check on the garden, I… Continue reading Growing Right Along…