Plant Happy

Well...guess what my dear friends.  If you have had the itch to plant...please feel free to go hog wild, scratch that planting itch, and start tossing your tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, etc. in the ground.  Come on...I dare you!  We are now almost at our complete frost free date here in Central Illinois. There usually is… Continue reading Plant Happy


After Bloomin’ Prunin’

Ah yes...my wonderful habit of forgetting to prune right after certain shrubs are done blooming.  Yup...once again I am a few weeks late, but fortunately next years flower buds have not yet begun to form.  So how many of you have giant overgrown lilacs, viburnums, or forsythias?  I do!  I do! The house that I… Continue reading After Bloomin’ Prunin’


Let the Sprouting Begin!

Indeed, let the sprouting of gardening ideas and the love of gardening begin.  You may be here because you are a new gardener and looking for ideas and support.  You may be a someone that has been gardening for a while and your still looking for ideas and/or a gardening blog to read.  Whatever your… Continue reading Let the Sprouting Begin!