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Succulent Explosion

First off a quick follow up to last week's blog post.  Indeed we do have limes forming! Check this out. (Proud plant mama moment) I'll be curious to see how long it takes for them to fully mature.  Hopefully when it's time to bring this gal in for the winter the transition doesn't cause issues… Continue reading Succulent Explosion


A Prickly Plant

Whenever I'm out at a store and they have a plant section, I always want to browse.  Back earlier this year we had just checked out at the grocery store and I happen to glance over at a shopping cart and just happens to be holding discounted lime trees.  We are talking about $5.00 lime… Continue reading A Prickly Plant


Coming Back Online

It's been 4 years, 2 months, and 3 days since my last blog post, yeah I know, bad blogger.  There was a lot that happened in that time and with recent changes, decided it was finally time to get back on the horse. In that time I have now left a job that I was… Continue reading Coming Back Online


Moving Forward

For some reason today I had that sudden urge to reinitiate my blog.  The Garden Sprout, triumphant return, why today I don't know.  Part of it might be that as great as Facebook is for reaching out and sharing snippets, blogs are great for more dialogue and great depth of information.  So today I decided… Continue reading Moving Forward