Side Dishes

Dill Potato Salad

You can never have too many different potato salad recipes right? You've probably already noticed that we have a thing for spicy, but we also absolute adore dill. No, this recipe isn't spicy. We have a bunch of it growing in the garden and when we smoked a full brisket a few weeks back we… Continue reading Dill Potato Salad

Chicken, Flatbreads & Pizza

Chicken Philly Flatbreads

I've got a current list going of potential future recipes of taking dishes and turning them into flatbreads or pizzas. How can you argue right? If you missed it I already shared my favorite recipe for Cheeseburger Pizza. It seemed fitting that it was time for another flatbread/pizza recipe. Usually philly's are steak based, but… Continue reading Chicken Philly Flatbreads


Tomato & Mushroom Bruschetta

I have a thing for fresh tomatoes, of course since my tomatoes are ready yet, we used from the store. If this was this good with store bought, when my tomatoes ripen, this will be full on drool worthy. We wanted to take your common bruschetta to the next level by adding in some sauteed… Continue reading Tomato & Mushroom Bruschetta


Salmon Dill Burger

I wanted this to be an easy and quick method for making a tasty, not dry, easy salmon burger. There is no having to cook salmon for this recipe - all you need is a 6 ounce can of salmon. You can use dried dill and chives in this, but I highly recommend fresh since… Continue reading Salmon Dill Burger