Garlic Dill Ranch

There used to be a local pizza place that made their own dressings, sadly they recently closed. One of their dressings that I adored was their garlic dill ranch. Creamy, garlicy, dill packed flavor bomb. So of course I had to try and replicate it and I've got to say I think I nailed it.… Continue reading Garlic Dill Ranch


Alabama White BBQ Sauce

I'm excited to share another bbq sauce recipe we put together. Where the Carolina Mustard is tangy and zingy, this one is creamy with a bit of heat. This one uses mayo as a base and gets it's heat from ground horseradish. Garden Sprout Garden Nibbles Fun trivia time from the Garden Sprout. Ground horseradish… Continue reading Alabama White BBQ Sauce


Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

FYI - this is a big longer of a post then usual - because well barbecue is fun. You can skip directly to the recipe by clicking the the link below. Recipe! Don't get me wrong, I love a good traditional barbecue sauce, but sometimes you just want to be outside the box. We smoked… Continue reading Carolina Mustard BBQ Sauce

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French Fry Dipping Sauces

We love our air fryer french fries and instead of just ketchup to dip them in, we sass it up. My favorite is our Maple Dijon Mayo while my other half prefers his Siracha Mayo. Both are simple, but the key to any good dipping sauce is getting the ratio right. With the Siracha Mayo,… Continue reading French Fry Dipping Sauces