Hold the Tomatoes

Okay…I promised in the last post that the next post would be about pruning tomatoes.  I really should clarify and say that it’s more pinching to encouraging good branching and fruit production.  It is really simple and easy too.

What you do is take a look at the tomatoes and often you’ll see a small growth between the main stem and a larger branch like this:

Tomato plant needing pinching

You can see it coming right out of the center of the V that is made by the stem and the branch.  This is what we want to remove.  You need to catch it early when it’s about this size, if you wait until it’s larger it can cause damage if you try to remove it.

Get ready to pinch!

Pinching tomatoes

And after:

After pinchign tomatoes

See?  Very easy.  🙂  Just keep an eye on your tomatoes as they grow and you should end up with better branching structure that can handle the weight of forming tomatoes.

On a side note I am calling serious shenanigans in regards to Japanese Beetles.  On part of my fence I have wild grape growing which should make for a perfect home for these annoying little bugs…but where do they instead decide to set up house?

Japanese Beetles on Basil

Yup…right on my basil.  Really?  Was this really necessary?  They also decided that my okra was tasty too. On a happier note?  Flowers are forming on both the eggplant…

Eggplant Flowers

and green beans…

Green Bean Flowers

I love fresh garden grown green beans.  Usually for every one that I harvest I end up eating one.  This is a very easy to grow crop for beginning gardeners.  Once they start to produce you just need to keep on the harvesting.  This is a staple in my garden.

Until next time, Happy Gardening!


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