Let the Sprouting Begin!

Indeed, let the sprouting of gardening ideas and the love of gardening begin.  You may be here because you are a new gardener and looking for ideas and support.  You may be a someone that has been gardening for a while and your still looking for ideas and/or a gardening blog to read.  Whatever your reasons for being here, hopefully you’ll enjoy your time here.

I am by no means the perfect gardener.  There is no specific formula that makes gardening perfect. So many variables play into how the garden works, that you just have to try and see if it works.  I have killed my fair share of plants over the years, but I keep on trying because I want to and I love it.  Hopefully you’ll learn from the downsides and be encouraged by the good stuff.  Gardening entails it all.

Even if you just have a pot of flowers on the deck or a tomato in a pot, you are still gardening.  You are doing an amazing thing! Gardening doesn’t have to be expensive.  A few years ago I read a book titled the $64 Tomato.  It was hilarious!  It was about the authors trials and tribulations of gardening.  The title came from how much it had cost him to get that single tomato.  As entertaining as the book was, I hope to show you that gardening doesn’t have to be expensive, not at all.  A $0.20 packet of seeds can produce an amazing amount of produce.

So, just to prove that gardening can be cheap.

I planted some sugar snap peas back in March.  Peas need support.  So…for awhile the white fence you see worked while they were small, than with the warm weather and some rain, the grew rapidly. So off to the garage I went.  I found an old rake that was broken.  Took off the bottom part and  used that for the one side of the trellis system.  Than I used some jute twine I had lying around.  And voila!  Instant trellis using things I had in the house.  I’m lucky that I have a fenced in yard so that I could use it for the one side of the trellis, but if you don’t all you need is another post for the other side.  I spent nothing on this because I had the materials already.  See, didn’t I say gardening can be cheap?  The picture above was taken on May 18.  And now 6 days later  we have….

Sugar Snap Pea Flowers

It’s amazing how quickly things grow.  I love it.

My other goal with this blog is not just to provide ideas but to help answer questions you may have.  Please feel free to contact me at ContactTheGardenSprout@gmail.com with questions or thoughts!  Or post a comment below.  Happy Sprouting!


1 thought on “Let the Sprouting Begin!”

  1. Lo0OVE the new blog, Kari! My peas were all safely trellised (jute twine & old bamboo rods), until the monsterdog crashed the garden fence & knocked all the rods over (somehow avoiding impaling herself in the process) – hope they bounce back soon & look as good as yours do!

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