Snowing in Summer

It is summer, it is hot and the flowers are popping.  The visit home to see my mom really gave me a great chance to take a lot of photos of beautiful flowers.  Now as I’ve already stated in previous posts, I’m a shade garden loving girl, but this one flower just got me to say “Wowza!”.  It’s just that good.  Oh yes, Miss Shade Queen is cooing over a sun plant and I am not ashamed at all.

You may remember when were we’re talking about deadheading flowers a few posts back.  One of my example plants was a daisy…a typical good old fashioned white flowering daisy.


Kind of leggy, stretched out, mah…not my favorite. But this one…oh yes, it gets a huge thumbs up.

It’s called Snow Cap.  It’s shorter, more compact, gorgeous foliage, larger flowers, just down right amazing.  Now I actually will need to have a garden that has sun for more than just vegetables so that I can find a place to put this one.

Snow Cap Daisy

Oh yes…and that is indeed a little stone hedgehog near the top.  To the right of the Snow Cap is Royal Candles Veronica.  There are a lot of really pretty perennial Veronica’s out there right now.  Oh good grief…there I go…liking more sun plants.

Perennial veronica

The yellow flower is another coreopsis variety.  Those veronica are great!  So pretty and a nice variety of colors.  And pretty prolific too…always a plus.

The dark purple is Roman Candles, the white is Alba, the pink is Red Fox, and the lighter purple is High Five…I think I’ve got those right.  To be honest they are all great….so I’m not to super picky.  🙂  If I happen to find out differently I’ll let you all know. Who can argue with long blooming perennials?  Not this garden sprout.  Now there is a bit that needs to be done to keep them going and that is being adamant about deadheading the old flowers.  If you keep up on it they can been blooming through September/October of course dependent on first frost, but if you’re willing to keep deadheading you get season long color in the garden.  I say this is a pretty good deal.

One of these days I’ll do a post about shade perennials, figure it would be appropriate for all my talk about loving shade gardening.  Until then, happy gardening!


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