Veggie-tastic Chicken Pot Pie w/ Cheddar Chive Biscuit Crust

NOTE: There is quite a few steps in this recipe so I highly recommend reading through everything first. I find this process is much easier if everything is chopped, prepped, chicken cooked, and things measure out before starting for a smoother process. Also - if you want to skip the intro and hop right to… Continue reading Veggie-tastic Chicken Pot Pie w/ Cheddar Chive Biscuit Crust

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Chicken Philly Flatbreads

I've got a current list going of potential future recipes of taking dishes and turning them into flatbreads or pizzas. How can you argue right? If you missed it I already shared my favorite recipe for Cheeseburger Pizza. It seemed fitting that it was time for another flatbread/pizza recipe. Usually philly's are steak based, but… Continue reading Chicken Philly Flatbreads

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Chicken Lip Wrap

In a town I used to live in there's a place called Chicks that makes these things called Lips. I have no idea why they call them lips, but I'm not arguing. It's breaded and fried chicken then tossed in a sauce, usually hot sauce. Can you tell I have a thing for spicy? I… Continue reading Chicken Lip Wrap

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Spicy Chicken Wrap

There's a local grill/pub near us that makes these fantastic spicy chicken wraps and I just HAD to try my own version. One bite in and they are spot on! Spicy, sweet, and crunchy all rolled into one tasty wrap. If you don't finish your wrap, they do store in the fridge and make for… Continue reading Spicy Chicken Wrap